How to apply for student housing

Två personer sitter bredvid varandra och skrattar.

Skövdebostäder’s student apartments are rented via a special student housing queue and only to persons admitted to the University of Skövde.

To be able to rent a student apartment you must be registered in our student housing queue and have a valid visa.

Your queuing time starts the day you register, and you can register at any time. Each day in the housing queue earns you one point, for example, you will have earned 365 points after one year in the queue. There is no other way to earn more points. The points are personal and cannot be transferred or added to someone else’s points.

You must update your profile once a year to keep your place in the queue. To do this, log in to My Pages (Mina sidor), open Student Registration, check the data and save.

  1. Go to My pages (Mina sidor) to register and manage your housing application. 
  2. Then you must create an account. Press ”Do not have un account? Register here!” (Har du inte ett konto? Registrera dig här!).
  3. Then, select ”I want to apply for student housing” (Jag vill registrera mig som sökande).
  4. If you have a Swedish personal identity number, use that number, YYYYMMDD-xxxx. If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number, fill in the year you were born, month and date, YYYYMMDD, for example 20010119 for someone born January 19th, 2001. Press the link below the form that says “klicka här” and four letters will be added to your date. This combination will only work when you log in at Skövdebostäder. Please write it down so you will remember it.
  5. Press “Registrera dig” and fill in the form.

    a) Förnamn=First name, Efternamn=Surname, Adress=Your current address/street, Postnummer=Postal code, Ort=City/Town

    b) You need to fill in one of the phonenumber boxes. Most common is the box for mobile. Dagtid=daytime, Kvällstid=evening, Mobiltelefon=cellphone/mobile

    c) E-post=e-mail. You need to fill this out twice.

    d) Choose a password and add it to the box marked “Lösenord”. Your password should be at least 8 characters and contain a CAPITAL letter, a lower-case letter and a number.

    e) The checkbox is that you verify that you have read and understood our data protection policy and that you agree to us having your information in our system.

  6. Press the green button that says “Next” (Nästa)
  7. The next page is information about your income and current living situation.

    a) Inkomst/Arbete – At the moment you have to fill in something in the field of Annual income, the rest is optional. Årsinkomst=Annual income.

    b) The last thing you have to do is pick which ones of our queues you want to register for. Lägenhet=our regular housing queue, Studentlägenhet=the student housing queue, Förråd=a queue to rent extra storage. The next is a description for the Student housing choice. 

  8. Press the green button that says “Next” (Nästa). 
  9. Fill in the form for Student housing.

    a) Antal vuxna=Number of adults, Antal barn=Number of children

    b) Önskemål=what you want. What you write here helps the system suggesting apartments that meet your criteras. Max hyra=the highest rent you wish to pay, Min rum=the minimum amount of rooms, Max rum=the maximum amount of rooms.

    c) Områden=Areas. Choose the areas you would like the system to suggest if there is an available apartment meeting your ciriteras.

    d) The checkbox lets you create an e-mail alert (subscription) for apartments meeting your criteras.

  10. Press the green button that says “Next” (Nästa)
  11. The following page is a summary of your information. Read it through use the button Tillbaka=back if there is something you want to change. If everything is correct press the green button that says “complete” (Slutför)
  12. You are now registered in the student housing queue. You have to apply for the specific student apartments that you want to apply for. Good luck!

Subject to availability, student apartments that fall vacant are generally advertised once a week on our website. Please note that there may be weeks when no student apartments are advertised. If you create an email alert, you will be informed as soon as apartments of your liking are advertised. 

The apartments are advertised from Friday to Monday on our website. During this time, you can register your interest in all the advertised student apartments of your liking. The apartments are posted on the website, but you will need to log in to My pages to be able to apply. Once logged in you can return to the website to apply for them or apply within the interface of My pages. You can also indicate the order in which you prefer these apartments.

When the registration period for these specific student apartments has closed we start to send offers. If you have the longest queuing time, you will get an offer for the student apartment you put as your first preference. You can only get one offer at a time. This is generally sent by email but can also be viewed on My Pages. If you refuse this offer, you will not get a new offer this time around. Therefore, only register your interest in the apartments of your liking.

You generally have two days to either accept or reject the offer. The easiest way is via My Pages. If you reject the offer or do not respond in time, the offer will go to the person next in the queue. Remember that responding in time primarily is your own responsibility. 

Skövdebostäder recommends that you regularly log in to My Pages to register your interest in any advertised apartments or respond to offers.

If you fail to respond to offers on three occasions, you will be barred from the opportunity to register your interest in new apartments for 6 months.

You may not sign and hold a student housing contract with Skövdebostäder without a current letter of admission to the University of Skövde. If you have applied to the university but have not yet been accepted, you may not sign a contract. 

When you sign a contract, your queuing time will be set to zero. And you cannot apply for new housing with Skövdebostäder within six months from the start date of your contract.

It is your responsibility to terminate your contract once you have completed your studies without being instructed to do so by Skövdebostäder. The notice period is three whole months. You can confirm the termination with Bank-ID on our website or fill out a form. If you need the form, please contact our customer service.

If you are interested in staying in Skövde after completed studies, we recommend that you register in our ordinary housing queue. You can register at any time, and it is free of charge.

Skövdebostäder reserves the right to change the management of the student housing queue over time.


Hyresgästguiden är till för att våra hyresgäster enkelt och tillgängligt ska komma åt information, tips och råd kring boendet och livet i våra områden.

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